A Virtual Reality Documentary.

Vibrations Trailer

I had had a dream, but when I woke up only fragments remained in my accesible mind. As the fragments faded, I was left only with the conviction that I had to go to Nepal
— Says the narrator in the opening lines of the documentary

Two filmmakers head into Nepal, two days after a devastating 7.8 earthquake jolt it. I was the one who had the dream, and I needed to find out why I 'had to go to Nepal'. We spent 3 weeks in that beautiful country absolutely in awe of the Nepali people and their outlook towards life. The film is the story of our journey.

Featured on the San Francisco Chronicle article (it's behind a paywall, but cached version has full access!)

One filmmaker, Ando Shah, who showed his documentary about this year’s Nepal earthquake, said the medium is so experimental that filmmakers now have to rewrite the steps developed in a century of regular filmmaking — including where to hide sound engineers so they aren’t in the shot.

“It’s going to be great for certain kinds of media, especially for documentaries and journalism,” he said. “It’s sort of like dreams and filmmaking are merging.”



On GearVR or Google Cardboard, you can watch it on SamsungVR: