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Jetlag : A VR Film



Jetlag poster

Cannes Film Festival Official Entry, 2016.


Due to her expiring visa, Ju, a 30-year old Brazilian woman, leaves India. Hence She leaves behind her lover, Tanushree, a young Indian woman.
Separated by continents they start exchanging audio messages. To express their love in absence of each other, Ju performs an Indian classical dance and Tanushree, a capoeira dance. In these physical forms they find a temporary union.
When Tanushree’s rational side arises, she questions the relationship, sending Ju diving into a poetic world..


I am the co-creator, Technical Director & Director of Photography of this film. We shot in the summer of 2015 in Mumbai, India.

It is premiering on the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival World Tour 2016 & Cannes Film Festival 2016.





Watch it on GearVR soon.